Dental aesthetics

Dental esthetics or dental cosmetics deals with the beauty of the teeth and their functionality. It includes a wide range of techniques and treatments, including treatments from other branches of dentistry, such as orthodontics, implantology, prosthetics or teeth whitening, to achieve a smile in full harmony with the patient’s facial aesthetics.

Dental veneering

the application of fine sheets of porcelain on the outer surface of the teeth, completely changing their appearance and correcting the color, shape, aesthetic appearance, position.

Dental filling

known as "dental filling", is a prosthetic restoration applied to a fractured/decayed tooth. Composite materials are used for esthetic results that can be tooth-colored for esthetic results.

Dental implant

the most modern solution for replacing a missing tooth and the only one that looks and functions exactly like a natural tooth. The dental implant restores the integrity of the dental arches, being an artificial tooth root inserted into the jawbone.

Dental bridge

fixed prosthetic work that replaces the missing tooth or teeth.

Dental crown

fixed prosthetic work applied over damaged teeth or attached to the prosthetic abutment to complete the natural appearance of a tooth/molar.

Dental prosthesis

dental prosthetic work done to replace missing teeth. It's a cheap and quick solution, but it doesn't offer long-term results.

Dental inlays

indirect dental fillings, created in the laboratory from ceramic materials with a micron precision, which aim to restore a tooth with very large cavities or structural deficiencies.

Aesthetic braces

orthodontic treatment helps straighten and reposition teeth so that they reach their normal aesthetic and functional position, all with the help of braces.

Coronal remodeling

the dental procedure by which an amount of enamel is added or removed from the tooth, thus remodeling it, recommended in the case of overlapping or crooked teeth.

Dental whitening

procedure as a result of which the teeth become whiter by up to 5-6 shades, the stains/colors accumulated over time due to food being removed.

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