Dental prosthetics is the most complex branch of dentistry. She analyzes the dental arches affected by the loss of one or more teeth (edentation) or their blunting (attrition) and finds the most suitable treatment solutions in order to restore the aesthetic, functional and musculo-articular balance.

The treatment solutions to restore the aesthetic and functional balance are very diverse: e-max veneers, metal-ceramic and zirconium crowns in CAD-CAM technology, mobile prostheses, removable prostheses, acrylic prostheses, special skeletal prostheses, immediate prostheses, prosthetics on dental implants.

Dental prosthetics are rigid pieces made in the dental laboratory from various materials with the help of which the integrity and functionality of the dental arches is restored. They are designed following an individualized treatment plan according to each patient’s problems.

Dental prosthetics, as a service offered in our clinic, is focused on restoring all structures in the most aesthetic and durable way possible, so that each patient can benefit from the beautiful smile they want.

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